Underwhelming Headline Fight: Anderson vs. Mehry

July 25, 2024

Lydia Smith, Lead Writer for Punchline.live

The lackluster main event unfolded at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX, in a Top Rank Boxing event broadcasted on ESPN. Jared “Big Baby” Anderson, from Toledo, OH, squared off against Ryad Mehry, from Brussels, BE, in a 10 round, heavyweight bout. Anderson, facing serious legal issues and questions about his passion for boxing, entered the ring amidst skepticism.

From the start, Anderson set an active pace, but Mehry, adopting a cautious approach, spent more time evading than engaging. There were occasional glimpses of Mehry’s counter-punching skills, but the action failed to captivate the audience. By the fourth round, frustration had fans booing and chanting for a refund.

After the fight, Anderson expressed his disappointment, “Anybody who comes in here and puts their life on the line, I tip my hat off to you. But, I just wish you would have come for a better fight. We could’ve definitely given the fans a better show.”

Post-fight, Anderson stated, “I want all of them {the names}. If I’m ranked with you and your name is near mine, then we can get it crackin’. We’re coming to knock everybody off. We’re coming for the titles, and we’re coming to f***ing win!'”

Though Anderson won by unanimous decision, questions still linger about his future in the sport and Mehry’s cautious performance was a missed opportunity, leaving disappointed fans and boxing pundits.

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