November 28, 2020

ROUND 1: Two confident looking warriors as they get introduced by Jimmy Lennon Jr. Wilder delays the center ring face off. Mean stare from Ortiz, confidence in Wilder’s eyes! And they are off. Ortiz, comes out jabbing, Wilder looking to time a shot and establish his feet. Wilder, with some back handed jabs against the early aggression of Ortiz. Counter left from Ortiz grazes Wilder. Turning out to be a feel out round.

ROUND 1: 10-9 ORTIZ    TOTAL: 10-9 ORTIZ

ROUND 2: Wilder looking to time as Ortiz continues to charge forward, counter shot from Wilder looks to maybe floor an aggressive Ortiz, but ruled a slip. Action continues and we see the first exchange. Wilder fainting, Ortiz coming forward but jabbing with no power shots, until now, a strait left lands. Another left from Ortiz, Wilder’s counter right misses.

ROUND 2: 10-9 ORTIZ    TOTAL: 20-18 ORTIZ

ROUND 3: Slow paced third stanza, Wilder slightly more landed, but nothing definitive and not much momentum either way in the chess match 3rd round.

ROUND 3: 10-9 WILDER    TOTAL: 29-28 ORTIZ

ROUND 4: Wilder landing his first solid set of combos tagging Ortiz with a few rights in the first minute of the round. Ortiz not as aggressive as he’s been. Left hand for Ortiz lands as Wilder turns off the ropes. Ortiz with the edge in second minute of the round, round 4 still up for grabs in the final minute. Solid straight left body shot from Ortiz as the round ends…Close round, I think the early shots from Wilder where the most effective punches of the round.

ROUND 4: 10-9 WILDER    TOTAL: 38-38

ROUND 5: Left uppercut from Ortiz makes Wilder smile. Ortiz dancing and then getting aggressive again. Right from Wilder, Ortiz countering. Wilder misses an uppercut. Ortiz not budging from Wilder rights and countering with straight lefts. A flush right hand wobbles and drops Ortiz and the momentum quickly changes as the round ends!


ROUND 6: Ortiz’s corner prepares him for Wilder to come out Wild..Wilder with another stiff Right that hurts Ortiz, Ortiz on his bicycle, Wilder has found his range with the right hand. Ortiz looking to counter but looking like he has slowed a notch? Straight left from Ortiz, Ortiz stronger finish in the last 15 seconds, maybe establishes himself back in the fight?


ROUND 7: Showtime’s Steve Farhood has the fight 57-56 for Ortiz through 6 rounds? Slower pace round 7. Wilder trying to time the right hand, Ortiz jabbing. Straight Right from Wilder lands flush, counter right hook from Ortiz has Wilder in trouble against the ropes, trying to hold on, another solid left and Wilder survives the round on his feet!

ROUND 7: 10-9 ORTIZ    TOTAL: 67-65 WILDER

ROUND 8: Referee mysteriously stalls the action to send Wilder to the Doctor although he is not cut? Ortiz continuing his assault, Wilder looking dazed as Ortiz starts adding body shots to his attack. Wilder looking to time a home run shot as he eats another left that presses him back on the against the ropes. Ortiz continues his momentum and now is in control as round 8 ends and we head to the championship rounds.

ROUND 8: 10-9 ORTIZ    TOTAL: 76-75 WILDER

ROUND 9: Wilder lands a right as Ortiz keeps working. Steam may be gone from Wilder shots, or Ortiz is refusing to be fazed?  Farhood has Ortiz ahead comfortably 79-73. Wilder throwing ‘tired’ combos as Ortiz jabs, Solid right from Wilder gets him back in and wins him the round as it ends in my opinion?


ROUND 10: Both land solid shots at the same time, with Wilder stealing momentum again as a staggered Ortiz keeps his hands going, Another right drops Ortiz, follow up barrage puts Ortiz on the canvas again and fight is stopped! Wilder with the TKO in a very exciting Heavyweight title fight!

Official time: 2:05 of R0unnd 10…and Still Champion Deontay Wilder!    OFFICIAL SCORECARDS AT TIME OF STOPPAGE: All Three judges had the fight 85-84 WILDER


POSTFIGHT: Both fighters embrace in a respectful hug. Paulie Malignaggi ringside says that anyone with a brain would’ve had Ortiz winning? I guess my brain is missing tonight? “King Kong aint got nothing on me!!” Wilder says as he starts his post fight interview. Wilder claims that the combos from Ortiz had no steam, just knocked him off balance? When Anthony Joshua comes up, Wilder wants to unify now, not wait…Gives Parker a great shot at winning against Joshua. Ortiz says he feels fine, “I was just doing my job (when he hurt Wilder in round 7) but in this sport it only takes one shot to end a fight.” “We where both working (in round 10) and one shot changes everything.” “Thank God for this fight, we are two Dad’s that fight for our Daughter’s with special needs and I’ll keep moving forward.”




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