May 26, 2020

Simon Ruvalcaba

As stated on Tuesday’s episode of ‘The Punchline with Kelly Pavlik and James Dominguez’ the following is a previously unpublished interview with boxing promoter Don Chargin from April 15th of last year. Chargin passed away last Friday at the age of 90. Although in good health and with his incredible memory intact, I still left the Cache Creek Resort’s event that day with a feeling that I may have talked to him for the last time? Don was the first promoter I ever fought for as a professional and his predeceased wife Lorraine was always amazingly kind to me. Not long before this interview, Lou Duva had passed away and Chargin shared his thoughts about that, as well as his thoughts on Ted Walker, my first trainer and boxing mentor who was the one that got Chargin into the boxing industry! Check out what he had to say…R.I.P. Don, we are losing my generations boxing faces, don’t forget to live while you are alive!


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