Pacquiao-Broner: Punchline Staff and Colleague Picks!

July 11, 2020


Simon Ruvalcaba

It’s on tonight! Pacquiao vs Broner in 2019’s first major bout of the year! Here is how Punchline staff and special guests feel about the bout! It should be a good one!

Kelly Pavlik– I got Pac, I guess? There is too many scenarios in this fight.

James Dominguez– Broner by split decision

Simon Ruvalcaba– Pacquiao by close decision. I almost wanna pick a draw, and full disclosure, I went to a sports book last night and I did put $5 on the 20-1 odds of being a draw. However, put a gun to my head and force me to pick a winner, I’ll go Pacquaio. I think first half of the fight will be Pac, Broner finishes the stronger fighter and the decision goes to Manny with a strong argument to be made for Broner.

Amy Green– Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision. I believe he will be able to outbox Broner. The time for a rugged Pacquiao is gone, so no hope for a huge KO.

Daymon Martinez– Pac Unanamous Decision

Bobby Sanchez– I’m going with Broner on a stoppage…yeah I said it!

Alicia Taylor– Undecided

Chris Henderson– I’m picking Pacquiao to win a unanimous decision and possibly become the first man to stop Broner late in the fight.

Clare Burke– Pacquiao

Joey Gilbert– Pacquiao

Arnulfo Bravo– Pacquiao

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